Driving Incremental Value with AR Visualization

Driving Incremental Value with AR Visualization


A large beverage manufacturer wanted to increase the number of point of interest (POI) displays sold in the field across their large format channel. The manufacturer hoped the extra display sales would help them achieve their annual sales target, and set a goal of one (1) extra POI display sold in per store. This posed a challenge for sales associates, who were tasked with convincing store managers–having already bought one POI display–to place a second one in their stores before seeing proof of success.


The manufacturer turned to InContext to understand how 3D visualizations could help them achieve their goal. They learned that ShopperMX GO, InContext’s augmented reality field enablement app, would provide the best chance at successfully selling in the additional POIs. SMX GO is a mobile app designed to overlay digital content onto real-world surroundings, in order to enhance the viewer’s sensory understanding. With SMX GO, sales associates were able to show store managers–within their own stores and in real-time–how an additional POI display would not only fit perfectly in the available space, but also work well with other adjacencies. They achieved this all without having to wait for the physical displays to be created, or more than one meeting scheduled.


With the implementation of SMX GO, the sales associates were able to cut down on the sell-in cycle time and increase store manager confidence in adding supplementary POI displays. This led to the beverage manufacturer achieving an incremental revenue increase of $2,600 per additional display across 50 large format stores, or a total impact of approximately $130,000.


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3D Product Modeling

Industry-leading 3D assets

Over 100K 3D models created
Top-notch quality

A visualization ecosystem designed to deliver 3D product models for CPG Retail

InContext partners with the world’s top organizations to provide an industry leading 3D asset pipeline. Far beyond our own design services team, our network of global members are well positioned to provide 3D visualization models at scale, across trades and use cases, catered to your specific needs. With over 15 years experience, 50+ 3D artists, and more than 8,000 models created each month, delivering 3D product assets is our specialty.

Over 100,000 3D models created More than 50 3D artists 8,000+ production capacity per month

Platform-ready images

Whether you require 3D assets for AR, VR, 3D Commerce, or anything else, InContext has the expertise to produce high-end models that meet your requirements–allowing for faster insights, enhanced collaboration, and increased sales:
* Extended Reality
* Digital Advertising
* 3D Commerce
* AI Model Training
* Content Syndication
* 3D Marketing

Massive impact

3D models allow customers the opportunity to interact with products in the same way they would in physical retail. They can manipulate the product by rotating, looking beneath, and zooming in and out. In 2D scenarios, viewing can be inefficient, requiring various levels of clicking and navigation between image assets. Investing in high quality product digitization offers deeper connection to buyers providing more interactive and informative content.

Grow conversions by up to 30%

Strengthen customer loyalty

Increase order value by as much as 50%

Source: Deloitte analysis.

3D Product Modeling Success

Learn how one retailer quickly launched an augmented reality shopping app with InContext’s 3D product model creation.

Faster, more streamlined 3D design pipeline

Our modeling services with only the highest quality output.

Product retrieval
Product retrieval
Able to initiate consumer goods retrieval in more than 60 countries world-wide. Items are shipped and delivered to studio for data and image capture for the most efficient and cost-effective means possible.
Product modeling
Product modeling
Whether you require 3D assets for AR, VR, e-commerce, or anything else, InContext has the expertise to produce models that meet your requirements – no matter where or how they intend to be used.
Product imaging
Product imaging
Our global network of partners offer professional, high quality 3D photography services and content catalogs for CPG. Onsite product capture services are also available.

Portfolio Examples

Save time. Increase productivity.

ShopperMX™ users can access their digital 3D content directly from the platform.

Token authentication to partners
Search by UPC, product description, & brand
Quick view images
Filter by brand, manufacturer, data collection type, image status & time period
Download individually or in bulk, data & images in ShopperMX™ ready format
Import products directly to a project OR add items to your basket & request full-service 3D SKU modeling
Shopper Insight FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. Implementing 3D renderings can set an e-commerce platform apart from competitors by providing a unique and engaging shopping experience. This can lead to increased customer loyalty and a stronger brand reputation.

3D product modeling can provide numerous benefits and opportunities:

* Enhanced product visualization: Display realistic 3D renderings on your website or in-store, allowing customers to view the product from all angles and better understand its features.
* Augmented reality (AR) integration: Integrate 3D product models with AR technology to let customers virtually place the product in their environment.
* Customization options: Allow customers to interact with and customize products in real-time, such as changing colors, materials, or adding personalization elements.
* Improved inventory management: Utilize 3D product models for better inventory visualization and management, making it easier to plan store layouts and optimize stock levels.
* Marketing and advertising: Use 3D product models in promotional materials, social media campaigns, or email marketing to create eye-catching visuals and generate interest in your products.
* Quality control and prototyping: Use 3D models for quality control and design purposes, allowing you to make improvements or modifications before manufacturing or ordering physical products.
* Training and onboarding: Utilize 3D product models to train employees on product features or setup, ensuring consistency across your team.
* Sales support: Equip your sales team with 3D product models to help them better demonstrate the product features and benefits during customer meetings or presentations.

Our primary focus and expertise lies serving the consumer product goods and the retail industry. As a result, our 3D model designers are unable to provide direct assistance with 3D animation, 3D character design or video game creation.

Pricing for our 3D modeling services depends on the scope and complexity of the project. Free quotes are customized based on the requirements identified by the client.

The scope and complexity of your 3d modeling project will determine the time to complete. However, with an ecosystem built for scale, we specialize in being able to deliver high-volume, high-quality work with the most efficiency.

First, we gather and analyze your project information to determine requirements. Then, our in-house 3D artists are assigned and presented with the work items to proceed with product model creation. Materials such as product images or other references are considered critical input sources.

A high-quality 3D product model is achieved by ensuring smooth or beveled edges, accurately simulating materials with great attention to detail, skillfully applying textures, and placing light sources correctly. Our 3D models represent a digital twin of a real-life object. They are created using various techniques including automated 2D image to 3D model generation and/or hand modeling by 3D artists. By this method, the highest quality output is rendered.

3D product models bring products to life, which provides consumers product representation
from every angle. Plus, the utility of 3D product models can be incorporated into digital
advertising, e-commerce, and extended reality applications including AR/VR.

Autodesk Maya is the most utilized software by our professional team of model designers for 3D product modeling.

With many file types available, the best file format will depend on how the file is intended to be
used. A few of the most common we support are FBX, OBJ, DAE, and GLB.

Yes! We can evaluate the source inputs you have available within your catalog and provide a
custom quote per your desired outputs.

Definitely. Implementing 3D product models can set an e-commerce platform apart from
competitors by providing a unique and engaging shopping experience. This can lead to
increased customer loyalty and a stronger brand reputation.

3D product modeling has been an integral part of our software and service offerings for over 14 years. While we are not traditionally viewed as a modeling company, with 50+ 3D artists creating more than 8,000 models each month, 3D product development and delivering 3D product assets is our specialty.

Want to see the FUTURE without waiting?

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