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The State of XR Business Adoption

Read our latest report to understand how companies are exploring XR technologies in everyday business applications today, and ways your organization can benefit.

Optimizing extended reality (XR) assets as the building blocks for Metaverse strategy

Companies today are trying to understand the role of extended reality (Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality) and how it can drive growth and efficiencies within the organization. InContext will help your team learn the basics of extended reality, how it connects to broader immersive experiences, and ways to leverage metaverse opportunities that will engage your consumers today, and in the future.

You have questions about the Metaverse

We have answers. Find out if the Metaverse is right for your brand.

How is my brand consumer engaging in virtual experiences?
Understand how important virtual experiences are to their consumer and determine if their brand should be there.
How can I use XR to build efficiencies in my organization?
Assess the current use of XR capabilities in house and learn how other companies are using XR in training, strategic planning and testing. Quantify the ROI of integrating XR strategies into daily business decisions.
How would XR enhance my consumers e-commerce experience?
Explore if your brand shoppers are open to virtual shopping as an extension of your brand experience online and outline strategies to use virtual brand experiences to drive sales.
How will XR optimize my in-store communications?
You invest significantly in your shopper marketing strategies. Learn how to XR tools can help you more effectively sell-in to retailers your shopper marketing strategies as well as optimize the effectiveness of in-store messaging and displays to drive shopper behavior.

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