Retail Execution

Get to “yes” faster.

Create a personalized story
Drive field sales experiences
Engage with unparallelled sales materials

Combat challenging field communications

Retail is complicated. With thousands of products, constant new entrants, seasonal items and displays, promotional campaigns, supply chain complexities, and the list goes on…it’s no wonder field communications and compliance are a challenge.

Delight your field reps and reduce barriers to compliance

When it’s time to go to market, ShopperMX provides the picture worth a thousand words, helping everyone in the ecosystem to see and understand the in-store plan.

Through the use of virtual and augmented reality, live streaming and 3D videos, you will delight your field representatives, increase buyer engagement and reduce barriers to compliance.

Improve the retail execution process

Visualizing stores, planograms, products and displays in 3D improves the retail execution process, whether you are building consensus or supporting the field force, ShopperMX is a seamless solution.

Augmented Reality (AR)
Augmented Reality (AR)
Visualize 3D products, planograms and displays in their targeted location of the physical store
Live Streaming
Live Streaming
Walk audiences from disparate physical locations through your 3D store
Create and distribute movies that tell your ‘in-store’ story to be shown anywhere
Shared Stores
Shared Stores
Provide access to offsite colleagues and partners so they can peruse your 3D store on their own schedule

Retail Execution Features

We help make your vision come to life for stakeholders, and enable field teams to execute that vision quickly and accurately in the store.

Anyone with a browser can follow along as you navigate in a 3D store. Great from large group multi-location meetings to 1:1 quick-synch on details.
Better yet, invite team members into your 3D store so you can review and refine it together from 1st person perspective, in real-time.
On-the-go? No problem. Use your tablet to access 3D stores while you’re in the store or on the move.
Media Collection
When creating your in-store story, videos, images and heat maps are all at your finger-tips to produce and distribute as needed.
Visualize any content from your 3D asset library when in the store. Make sure it fits, and will be compliant.
VR Headset
Sometimes the best experience is one that is fully immersive. A VR headset is great for training new team members and in-depth planning.
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