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Improve sales and retailer collaboration
Faster, more efficient sales cycles
Enjoy better conversion rates

It’s time to arm your sales force with Augmented Reality

Introducing InContext’s AR field enablement app, SMX GO, a simple new way to visualize and validate displays and signage on-site. Improve the sell-in process by seamlessly collaborating and sharing points of interruption in-store with augmented reality technology.

Capture increased space

SMX GO overlays augmented reality 3D images to quickly and accurately visualize points of interruption, on a mobile device, directly in the store. Overcome barriers to the sale with speed and efficiency, and make it easy for retailers to say “yes.”

Delight your field reps

Sales reps still using stand-alone images to sell in display and marketing ideas? They’ll be thrilled with the ease of use and increased buyer engagement that augmented reality brings to the sales pitch.

Stand out from the competition

Gain a competitive edge with AR for a proven, impactful way to show how your concepts will work in the store. Our 3D visualizations provide immediate understanding, unlike any other sales tool out there.

Improve the sell in process

Sales reps and store managers are loving SMX GO for visualizing planograms, products and displays in AR to drastically improve retail execution decisions.

View 3D products, planograms and displays in their actual physical store location.
Quickly toggle through multiple concepts in the same space to understand and compare how different versions will work in the context of the store.
Add chosen displays and signs to the basket and get them shipped.
Instantly gain confidence that concepts will fit and look great by validating location, in-store adjacencies and scale.
Sort and customize your content to distribute the right content to the right reps, at the right time (channel, store, season, etc.)

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More Retail Execution Features

We help make your vision come to life for stakeholders, and enable field teams to execute that vision quickly and accurately in the store.

Shareable Store
Send a link to view your concept in the context of the virtual store to anyone…anywhere.
Better yet, invite team members into your 3D store so you can review and refine it together from 1st person perspective, in real-time.
On-the-go? No problem. Use your tablet to access 3D stores while you’re in the store or on the move.
Media Collection
When creating your in-store story, videos, images and heat maps are all at your finger-tips to produce and distribute as needed.
Innovation Center Support
We’ll you build out your dream innovation center, without the cost and physical constraints. The sky’s the limit!
VR Headset
Sometimes the best experience is one that is fully immersive. A VR headset is great for training new team members and in-depth planning.
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