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Harness the power of 3D to transform the shopper experience

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What Can I Test in Virtual?

Shopper behaviors can be hard to predict, luckily testing in a virtual retail store makes it easier than ever. But what exactly can be tested in virtual? Watch our newest video showcasing all of our virtual research offerings to find out!

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Shopper Insights

Faster, more informed retail decisions

3D technology and machine learning capabilities allow for fast, accurate shopper insights for better decision making. With a 90% correlation to real world shopper behavior, you can test bigger and bolder ideas to find in-store innovation that truly moves the needle.

Strategize in a risk-free space
Connect shopper attitudes to behaviors
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Visual Merchandising

Visualize FIRST in a Digital Retail Store Twin

Visualize planograms, aisle flow, signage or displays from anywhere, removing the need for physical prototypes. Virtually stream live store walkthroughs, or meet together “in” the store within a branded virtual collaboration center.

Visualize, iterate and test in-store concepts
Collaborate in real time, from anywhere
Speed up review cycles and go-to-market
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Retail Execution

Sell more. Improve compliance.

Tell your story and make sure it lands. Whether it’s meetings with stakeholders, compelling sales materials for your field teams, or getting new hires up to speed.

Easily communicate in-store concepts
Drive field sales experiences
Engage with unparalleled field communications
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Virtual Commerce

The next generation of ecommerce is 3D

Today’s shoppers want engaging, informative, online shopping options. Anticipate your shoppers’ needs with virtual commerce solutions, metaverse experiences, and more.

Drive online sales growth
Increase shopper loyalty
Seamlessly marry online and in-store experiences
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Visualize and test your retail ideas in our risk-free digital spaces.