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Visualize and validate on-the-go with augmented reality

InContext’s augmented reality (AR) field enablement app, SMX GO, is a powerful new way to visualize displays and signage and validate planograms on-site. Fast track the sell-in process by seamlessly collaborating and sharing points of interruption in the store with AR technology, powered by InContext’s industry-leading 3D product assets.

Increase store-level revenue

Learn what fits the first time. SMX GO overlays augmented reality 3D images to quickly and accurately visualize points of interruption, on a mobile device, directly in the store. Capture more floor space by overcoming barriers to the sale with speed and efficiency, and make it easy for retailers to say “yes.”

Learn how one beverage manufacturer was able to increase the number of displays sold in the field across their large format channel by using SMX GO.

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Validate planograms quickly, with confidence

Get notified when new planograms are issued within the app, digitally overlay them against the physical store shelf, quickly pinpoint necessary changes, and execute!

Stand out from the competition

Gain a competitive edge with AR for a proven, impactful way to show how your concepts will work in the store. Our 3D visualizations provide immediate understanding, unlike any other sales tool out there.

Improve the sell in process

Sales reps and store managers are loving SMX GO for visualizing planograms, products, displays and signage in AR to drastically improve retail execution decisions.

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View 3D products, planograms and displays in their actual physical store location.
Quickly toggle through multiple concepts in the same space to understand and compare how different versions will work in the context of the store.
Add chosen displays and signs to the basket and get them shipped.
Instantly gain confidence that concepts will fit and look great by validating location, in-store adjacencies and scale.
Sort and customize your content to distribute the right content to the right reps, at the right time (channel, store, season, etc.)


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  • User & Account Set Up
  • Self-Directed Training
  • Account Kick-Off and Onboarding Plan
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  • User & Account Set Up
  • Self-Directed Training
  • Account Kick-Off and Onboarding Plan
  • 2 Two-hour Onboarding Webinar Training Sessions
  • 2 One Hour Working Sessions
  • Quarterly Onboarding and Adoption Review

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Frequently Asked Questions

SMX GO is an augmented reality app released by InContext to supercharge your work force, with innovative features that enable effective and efficient visualization and verification of planograms on-site.

Anyone from field sales reps and national account directors to brand managers, category development teams, merchandisers, and store operations. SMX GO helps them work efficiently and creates better transparency and communication throughout the sales process.

SMX GO equips your retail execution team, on-premises sales team, visual merchandising team, or in-store activation team for all their retail partner needs. On a broad scale, SMX GO can be used to visualize and verify planograms, enhance the on-premises sales process or retail buy-in, simplify merchandising or marketing efforts, and make sure retail execution, in-store activations, or category resets are done correctly the first time. Additionally, SMX GO creates a more sustainable and efficient workflow by reducing the need for cumbersome binders full of planogram and merchandising print-outs.

You don’t need to have one to access the other, but there are cost and time efficiencies that come from utilizing both solutions. A prime example would be getting 3D content into SMX GO.

3D content imports from ShopperMX (SMX) to SMX GO. If you have access to SMX already, you can upload the content to the app yourself through the SMX GO portal. If you don’t, a member of our team can be contacted to get the content you want onto SMX GO, at an additional cost.

All you need is a mobile device, ie. a smart phone or tablet.

Anything from simple signage to planograms to point-of-interruption displays can be visualized in the store using augmented reality. See your in-store marketing concepts overlaid within the context of the physical store space to understand look, size, and impact.

SMX GO has a whole slew of features that can help grow sales, boost efficiency, and create a more productive workflow. Features such as a built-in measurement tool, multi-model ability, linking into your current system and processes, planogram verification, content database, data usage and analytics, and the addition of planogram compliance functionality in 2024.

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