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Think big without the overhead of failing at large.

ShopperMX is InContext’s virtual store platform that powers our enterprise merchandising solutions. Our leading-edge software enables retail teams to visualize FIRST in a digital twin of the store to maximize ROI, grow revenue and move at the speed of the marketplace–with leading-edge virtual store technology and insights.

All-in-one platform

Ideate. Evaluate. Activate. Innovate.

With our robust cache of digital store twins, 3D products and SKUs, and virtual retail solutions, the sky’s the limit.

Leverage more than 80 virtual store environments
Visualize multiple assortments, endcaps, signage, displays & more
Stream walkthroughs, screenshots and video
Share and iterate on your in-store concepts in a risk-free space
Digital Twins

3D Store Environments

InContext’s 3D store replicas serve as the backbone for our virtual retail solutions, where teams can visualize, conduct shopper research, and execute on new retail concepts. These digital twins allow retailers and brands to understand how shoppers will react to in-store ideas, and provide a risk-free space to iterate and visualize in the context of the store.

Virtual Assets

3D Product Modeling

InContext partners with the world’s top organizations to provide an industry-leading 3D asset pipeline. Far beyond our own team, our network of global members is well positioned to provide 3D models at scale, across trades and use cases, catered to your specific needs. With over 15 years experience, delivering 3D models is our specialty.