Build the basket.

Drive online sales growth
Seamlessly marry online and in-store experiences
Improve communication efficiency

Unlock new realms of opportunity

People spend a lot of time online, researching products and making purchases. The idea of scrolling through long lists of products, while convenient, misses the mark in other ways.

Shoppers have limited opportunity to discover new items and retailers or brands have limited options to present those products in compelling ways. At the same time, brands and retailers are challenged to offer a seamless, and personalized, digital-to-physical experience for shoppers. For all of these reasons, virtual commerce is unlocking new realms of opportunity.

ShopperMX: proprietary 3D shopper platform

V-commerce reinvents online shopping, creating experiences that drive loyalty and build the basket. And it’s more simple than you think. Using InContext’s ShopperMX proprietary 3D shopper platform and decades of experience and robust industry partnerships, you have everything you need to build a virtual store.

A metaverse platform for retail

We’re reinventing online shopping with 3D experiences.

Choose a 3D store template
Choose a 3D store template
Choose from hundreds of virtual store options.
Select products you want in your 3D store
Select products you want in your 3D store
Tell us what categories and products you want to focus on and we’ll help model it all out in
Embed into your current website
Embed into your current website
Take shoppers from 2D to 3D with the click of a button.
Customize to your brand
Customize to your brand
Make it your own, with your brand’s colors, logos, imagery and more.
Merchandise your items in the 3D store
Merchandise your items in the 3D store
Place on a shelf, in a cooler, a display, or any number of options that entice shoppers to pursue your virtual store.

V-Commerce Features

Backed by years of data and expertise, InContext is here to help you take online shopping to the next level.

The Virtual Store
Build a digital twin of your store, choose from our robust library of stores built to scale, or build something brand new with our 3D artists.
3D Product SKUs
InContext proudly hosts the world’s largest 3D SKU library and content management system supported by homegrown AI, digital content partnerships and proprietary tools.
3D SKU Ingestion
Already have existing 3D SKU models? Great! File importing is available enabling immediate content access.
Merchandising solutions
We have all of the shelving and display types you’d expect to find and we can design new ones based on your category and needs.
We integrate to major e-commerce platforms, enhancing your current website with 3D as an optional experience.
More than a decade of data, from millions of shoppers. Leverage this history and insights as you build your 3D store.
Follow the shopper path, pinpoint stopping power and analyze conversion rates for on-going iteration and improvements to your virtual store.
Store Updates
New products? Supply chain issues? New price? Promotions? Things change frequently so we built a 3D store that is flexible.
Different stores for different shoppers. Change out product selections, pricing and promotions to deliver targeted stores based on your shoppers needs.
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