Visual Merchandising

Visualize FIRST in a digital twin.

Visualize, iterate and test in-store concepts
Collaborate in real time, from anywhere
Speed up review cycles and go-to-market

Next-level collaboration for retail

It’s time to go beyond video calls and screen shares. In a world where speed to market is imperative, remote work is standard, and industry trends need quick response, progressive brands and retailers are turning to virtual retail technology to elevate their go-to-market process and stay ahead of the competition.

Rotate with your mouse, or view in augmented reality (AR)  on your mobile device!

Iterate faster than your competition

Making changes to a physical retail space is expensive and time consuming–we can help you visualize first and perfect your plan, before investing in the physical space. Our 3D visualization and collaboration platform, ShopperMX, gives you the power to skip the prototyping, the mock centers, and the clunky PowerPoints.

Whether it’s visualizing your new product on the shelf, collaborating with internal teams on a new category concept, or presenting your recommendations to retailer partners, virtual allows you to maximize efficiency and minimize barriers.

Your preferred 3D retail partners

When working with InContext, you gain the best in 3D visuals combined with tools that enable scale. Our cloud-based platform delivers real-time store collaboration and editing. Our 3D store environments are to-scale and fully merchandisable for complete flexibility. With integrations to your digital SKU content providers, automatic 2D to 3D product modeling, and ingestion of key merchandising files like JDA, InContext is the preferred partner in the retail industry.

Whatever you can do in the physical world, we can seamlessly replicate in a digital retail store twin.

Seamlessly create a digital retail store twin

Bring prototypes of new merchandising strategies to life in the context of the store.

Quick Start
Quick Start
Log in to and enter the 3D store of your choice
Change, and change again…product arrangement, product assortment, placement of displays or signage
Share finalized retail best practices for implementation
Place 3D products, planograms, signage and displays throughout the virtual store
Live stream the 3D store, invite others to take a tour or record a video to share

Retail Simulation & Collaboration Features

Virtual enables your teams to work smarter, together, with tools aimed at
streamlining collaboration and enhancing presentations with visuals that pack a punch.

The Virtual Store
Build a digital twin of your store, choose from our robust library of stores built to scale, or build something brand new with our 3D artists.
3D Product SKUs
InContext proudly hosts the world’s largest 3D SKU library and content management system supported by homegrown AI, digital content partnerships and proprietary tools.
3D SKU Ingestion
Already have existing 3D SKU models? Great! File importing is available enabling immediate content access for all of your virtual store merchandising needs.
Intuitive Store Set-up
Anyone can customize a store in 3D. Drag, drop, copy, paste, delete. Simple.
Navigate the virtual store at the click of a button. No more clunky starts and stops. Simply set your destination in the store and go.
When storytelling in the context of the store, presentations, spreadsheets and videos can all be integrated for seamlessness.
Data Visualization
The combination of merchandising visualization and the data behind it yields powerful insight.
Virtual Meeting Space
Bring complex ideas together in a single space to present marketing strategy, shopper insights, category planning, etc.
Toggle between and jump into entire “mini” stores that can be placed within a virtual store environment to quickly present multiple finished concepts.
Case Studies

Success stories from clients

Want to see the FUTURE without waiting?

Visualize and test your retail ideas in our risk-free digital spaces.