Spirits Aisle Rearrangement

Spirits Aisle Rearrangement

A manufacturer presented data-backed recommendations to gain retailer buy-in




A global spirits manufacturer client wanted to convince one of their largest retailers (a large national wine & spirits store) to rearrange merchandising of their spirits aisles.


Leveraging InContext’s virtual research methodologies, the manufacturer imported their .psa files for the current POG, and used ShopperMX to create their 3D test environment.

They fielded a 2-cell test (control POG cell vs test POG cell) to understand a holistic view of how each POG would perform including sales metrics, shopper behaviors, perceptions, noticeability, and findability.


The study generated strong results for the test POG:

  • Increased overall category sales by over 10% in test cell
  • Significantly improved sales metrics for client’s brand family
  • More shoppers traded up for more premium spirits products
  • Better findability metrics for many of the tested products
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