CPG Brand’s VR adoption leads to 9x ROI

CPG Brand’s VR adoption leads to 9x ROI

Here’s how a major CPG manufacturer implemented widespread VR adoption for their in-store strategies, laying the groundwork for future operational applications.


A major CPG brand began working with InContext Solutions in 2012. Five years and further investments in platform licensing and store environments later, they were seeing 9x return on investment. 2018 brought a successful collaboration with a major retailer and continued ROI. The company has since implemented widespread VR adoption and has laid the groundwork for future applications.

Test & Learn

The manufacturer began their virtual journey by testing hypotheses on new category concepts relating to: Package type Package design Pricing SKU assortment Shelf layout They were able to quickly mine deep insights relating to each proposed concept and take decisive action. For example:

Will Leading the Aisle with the Leading Snack Brand Drive Category Engagement and At-Shelf Conversions?


The major brand is the most productive brand that drives point-of-entry and has high household penetration.

Test & Learn

The manufacturer conducted a virtual test to predict the instore impact of major brands leading the aisle vs. current shelf. The major brand lead performed better across all 4 metrics: Dollar Sales, % of shoppers purchasing crackers, dollars /Shopper, and % of shopper agreeing the shelf is more shoppable. The manufacturer then measured success over time with in-store tests. They were able to prove their initial hypothesis correct.


New Guidelines Established – Once the manufacturer proved the hypothesis with both virtual testing and instore validation, they were able to establish a strategy going forward.

  • The manufacturer audits each customer’s performance against the shelf priorities and scorecards them. This is a metric they need to improve against and is part of the way they earn merit increases each year.
  • This is reviewed in both the monthly and quarterly reviews with the sales team leads.
  • In the last year, the brand was able to ensure this focus was also integrated into their sales team’s accountability so that all teams had full ownership.

Scaling VR Investments

Revolutionizing Sales Training through Virtual Reality

Most recently, this brand invested in employee development and training, critical to both the employee and the company. They decided to veer away from traditional learning methods and partnered with InContext to launch a virtual training program. [image]

VR in Sales New Hire Training

Sales representatives are now expected to conduct a standard store call process. By leveraging VR technology, they can tailor the actual store environment to conduct operational training for new hires in a safe learning environment.

Looking Ahead

The manufacturer is now in talks to continue scaling up their virtual investments with virtual innovation centers, sales tools, and further virtual enterprise integrations.

Download: One Brand’s Evolution into Enterprise Virtual Adoption

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