How to Conduct a Virtual Category Line Review

How to Conduct a Virtual Category Line Review

In this new world of social distancing, we can’t gather large groups to review a new planogram or category strategy in-store or at an innovation center. But we still need to be thinking about these things. When the dust settles and we return whatever ‘normal’ awaits, we need our categories to be ready to thrive.

Virtual retail simulations can provide everything you need, right now, to ground your audience in category changes from a distance—by immersing them in your ‘virtual’ store and offering an in-depth look at proposed category changes. 

Step 1: Set-up

Create a category walk-through in 3D, with InContext’s ShopperMX virtual simulation platform.

  • Import and place your new planogram in the virtual store space
  • Include any changes in price or promotion
  • Add shopper marketing and signage
  • Create a video in ShopperMX to showcase your category changes

Step 2: Present your walk-through

Share with your audience via video conference or web-meeting.

  • Play the hyper-realistic video walk-through of the category for your audience
  • Walk up and down the aisle, including pauses in key areas for dialogue and discussion
  • Capture, implement and record new feedback or changes in the virtual store
  • Distribute final visualization images and videos to your audience

These are steps you can take to continue working with your retail teams and partners today, but virtual store planning is much more than a stopgap for uncertain times. The new normal of retail–and, many other industries–is going to involve virtual. Adopting innovative technology like this now will drive a faster, smarter go-to-market strategy for the future, and ensure you’re set up for success.

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