Brand extension test identifies optimal placement

Brand extension test identifies optimal placement

The Challenge

A manufacturer was looking to expand a brand into a new category, but wanted to evaluate two alternative locations for the new product. They hoped to conduct a test to learn where shoppers would expect that hybrid product to be located.

The Method

Leverging InContext’s virtual simulation technology, the manufacturer conducted a test in which respondents were asked to navigate the full virtual store to the location where they would expect to find the new product. Shoppers were then given a follow up survey that asked their level of willingness to continue searching if the product was not at their expected location, as well as how the actual location impacted their interest in the offering.

The Results

The navigation exercise quickly produced results that showed the product was highly correlated with the category typically associated with the new form, instead of with the brand’s other products.

Once made aware, the majority of respondents expected to find the product in the location of products with a similar form. Therefore, despite the brand’s wanting to place the new product with their existing products, they moved forward with the similar form placement. The product had a successful launch, allowing the brand to enter an additional category.

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