InContext helped National Pork Board increase pork sales without negatively affecting other meat sales

The Challenge

On behalf of the National Pork Board, Midan Marketing wanted to determine if increasing the number of pork SKUs could increase sales of fresh packaged pork products and of the overall fresh packaged meat category (including pork, beef, and chicken). They also wanted to ensure that increasing the number of pork SKUs would maintain or improve ease of shopping and account for layout preferences.  

The Method

InContext designed a two-cell virtual store test: the benchmark was based on a traditional arrangement, set in a generic grocery store. The test included all the same beef and chicken SKUs, eliminating duplicate beef facings to create space to include six new pork SKUs.

Sales Growth: Determine if adding a broader assortment of fresh pork cuts to the fresh meat case, repurposing beef facings with pork, increases pork sales and overall category sales.

Shopability: Understand which POG provides shoppers with the best sales experience, especially ease of shopping. 

The Results

Increased pork options = win-win-win

Key Findings:

1. For the retailer: 7% increase in category revenue

2. For the clients: 23% increase in total pork revenue

3. For the consumer: No loss in beef or chicken options, yet more choice.

The results were clear: adding new pork options, while maintaining chicken and beef options, increased sales for pork and for the meat category as a whole with no risk to beef or chicken. Reducing duplicate facings in a smart way provides the variety shoppers seek and brings added sales in the aisle. 

Conducting their proposed new layout in a virtual store, the National Pork Board was able to provide thought-leadership and create a factual basis for pork producers to show the value of expanding their space allocation in the meat case, using an innovative research approach.

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