The Case for Virtual Store Research

There is no shortage of innovative solutions in the retail space, because forward-thinking organizations understand that today’s processes require faster, more streamlined solutions than in year’s past. But understanding doesn’t always lead to implementation. How many are truly adopting those technologies into every day processes?


The thing is, there’s always a learning curve when it comes to introducing new platforms and tools at on the job. But it’s not a reason to avoid change. In the world of store research, it only makes sense to put in the time to learn new technologies in order to save time, resources and costs down the road.


3D simulated store environments and virtual products are allowing brands and retailers to create and test new concepts as they normally would, but within a risk-free environment.


Check out our first tip from our guide to Best Practices in Virtual Research, on identifying and solving common business challenges–and learn how 3D technology is transforming retail store planning.


We want to help you see just why and how virtual research can solve for a majority of your business needs, challenges, and process improvements. Sign up to download our full Virtual Research Best Practices Guide here.

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