Breaking Down the Steps to Creating Ongoing Category Improvement

We’ve previously established how easy it is to integrate virtual simulations into current shopper research practices. So let’s talk a bit about what that process actually looks like.


Like most research projects, there’s a kickoff phase, and there’s the set up, the execution, the analytics and the review. But ours differs in that we use virtual store environments and virtual shopping simulations to create a cohesive, seamless and data-driven approach to shopper insights.



First, we’ll help you to define your objectives and design the concept test and the shopper questionnaire, and make sure you understand how the process will work.


We’ll then create the virtual environment. We’ll upload the 3D content – that is, the stuff you want shoppers to see in the virtual store. This includes your products, signage, displays, etc. We’ll also decide on the store and store layout you want to model.


After that, we launch the VR shopper experience! Respondents will complete a virtual shopping mission, where you will learn how they walked through the store or aisle, what they considered, what they did or didn’t purchase, and how they felt about their actions while in the store.


From there we’ll collect all the data and have a working session to share the initial findings.


Finally, we’ll close the loop: the concept will launch in market, where we will compare actual results to the virtual testing scenarios. This gives us the insights we need to do identify further optimization opportunities.


These steps are all created and stored within our ShopperMX platform– which means virtual testing can be easily implemented across internal teams and with retail partners. It opens up a method for ongoing category improvement that is repeatable and accessible for all key stakeholders, for whenever they need it.


Download our entire Best Practices for Virtual Research Guide to learn more about how innovative virtual solutions can work for your team.

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