We Launched the Next-Generation Platform for Retail Planning: Here’s Why it Matters to You

Retailers and manufacturers understand that technology can be a competitive advantage if done right. That was true in 2012 when we created ShopperMX™ and is even more relevant today, as the competition arrives from every possible corner.


We launched with the goal of creating an enterprise platform for retailers to quickly and easily visualize, test, and present new in-store concepts through virtual shopping simulations. Over the last 6 years, we’ve grown the platform around that central point, while also learning more and more about how our customers work and the pressures they face to stay relevant.


With that in mind, we’re taking ShopperMX to the next level. 


Leading retail and manufacturers have embraced ShopperMX to bring creative, consumer-tested ideas to life. However, as they’ve understood the immense potential that simulation technologies and their related headsets and devices can provide, they’ve constantly pushed us to meet future needs as well.   


As fast as technology is moving, all-things-3D seem to be moving even faster. Our next-generation platform is now more intuitive, flexible and scalable, and delivers even better insight, collaboration, and speed to market. Whatever retail experience you can dream of in the world, we’re now making it possible to create within our platform.  


You can check out our press release for more information or request a demo today


We’re excited to be on this journey of changing and improving the merchandising experience with our manufacturer and retail partners.

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