2023 in Review: Shaping the Future of VR and AR Retail Experiences

2023 in Review: Shaping the Future of VR and AR Retail Experiences

As a pioneer in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) solutions for retail, InContext has been making waves in the industry throughout 2023. As technology continues to evolve, we continue to provide solutions that revolutionize the way businesses approach retail experiences. Let’s recap the latest news and advancements from InContext in the past year.

Expanding the Horizon of Virtual Retail

InContext has been instrumental in transforming the retail landscape through our innovative VR and AR platforms. These technologies are not new, but the uses for them continue to expand, and retail is a big area of innovation right now. That’s why in 2023, we announced a series of enhancements and expansions that have significantly advanced our capabilities to help brands and retailers move even faster, save money and stay ahead of the trends curve.

AR for Retail Execution

Augmented reality was a big player in 2023 in a multitude of industries. With the launch of InContext’s AR mobile retail execution app, SMX GO, field sales teams, shopper marketing teams, and retail store managers can now visualize and collaborate more efficiently. Teams are able to view augmented displays and signage over the physical store space to understand how they will look, which will best fit the space, and then quickly share out the recommendations to retail partners. Augmented reality technology is a game changer for retail execution, and InContext is leading the charge.

AI-Driven Insights

Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, InContext introduced predictive customer analytics to our shopper insights capabilities. Built on more than 2 million virtual shopping trips, Arrangement AI enables the ability to fine-tune your recommendations or verify the strength of your current strategy. It’s a fast, effective way to understand how your customers will react to changes at the shelf when you’re on a time crunch. Machine learning is quickly becoming a must-have in business strategies and organizational processes, and we brought shopper insights into that ecosystem.

Extended Reality Consulting

We know that Extended Reality (XR)—which encompasses VR, AR, AI and MR experiences—isn’t a household term for most people today. But it likely will be soon, and InContext is here to help your teams create a strategic plan to drive growth and efficiencies through the use of XR: how it connects to broader immersive experiences and ways to leverage metaverse opportunities to optimize consumer engagement. We provide a quick consultation to understand a client’s needs, and then work with them to carry out your strategy. As these digital technologies expand into many new fields and industries, we are equipped with the knowledge and experience to lead you in the right direction.

Looking ahead

InContext has undoubtedly made 2023 a landmark year in the realm of digital twin retail experiences. With augmented reality and artificial intelligence integrations, and a strong focus on the future of extended reality experiences, we are finishing the year strong as we continue to shape the future of retail. As technology advances and consumer expectations evolve, InContext is committed to standing as a beacon of innovation, guiding brands and retail teams toward more immersive, personalized, and actionable virtual experiences.

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