Retail Labor Shortage Challenges & How Virtual Store Technology Can Help

Among some of the challenges brands and retailers are facing as a result of the uncertainty of the last year is the problem of labor shortages. Whether it’s stocking the shelves, in store testing, or category resets, the lack of labor has been a bottleneck.

In this presentation at the LEAD marketing conference, we explain how virtual technology is a strategy to relieve that bottleneck for both retailers and brands, enabling teams to continue running on all cylinders, even when labor is in short supply. 

You’ll learn how to:

Test alternative shelf assortments that maximize space for core items and reduce out of stocks

Visualize category resets in a digital twin of the retail store to maintain iterative planning benefits without reliance on labor 

Convert your in-store tests to virtual store tests, to minimize demand on in-store labor and in-store disruption

Watch below!

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