‘Supermarket Guru’ Phil Lempert and Retail Experts Partner with InContext to Explore the Metaverse

Chicago, and Santa Monica, Calif. (April 27, 2022): National food trends analyst Phil Lempert, known as “The Supermarket Guru,” is teaming up with InContext Solutions, a 3D virtual reality platform for retailers, foodservice chains and consumer goods manufacturers, to produce a live webcast examining the Metaverse, and the challenges and opportunities it presents for the retail industry. InContext is the exclusive event sponsor.

The free live event, “Exploring the Retail Metaverse,” will take place on May 24, 2022 and will delve into what the Metaverse is today, how it will likely evolve and why retail industry stakeholders should pay close attention. Lempert will moderate the discussion with a notable panel of retail experts. Featured panelists include:

  • Mark Detelich, Chief Product Officer, Syndigo
  • Bill Gillispie, Client Delivery Partner, Microsoft
  • Melissa Jurgens, Chief Operating Officer, InContext
  • Wesley Rhodes, VP Technology and R&D, Kroger

“Grocery retailers and CPG brands are faced with the challenges of building relationships with Generation Z, Millennials and the Alpha Generation from whom technology is ubiquitous,” said Lempert. “These consumers’ needs are not being met by the current one-dimensional e-commerce platforms. They want a more immersive, curated and intelligent way to shop and that is the metaverse.”

“The metaverse has become a pervasive term among retail and consumer goods executives, but few can confidently define what it means, how it will shape future consumer buying habits, and the impact on their businesses,” noted Melissa Jurgens, Chief Operating Officer at InContext. “I can’t imagine a better group of thought leaders and a better partner than Phil Lempert to accomplish our mutual goal of assisting our industry with the knowledge they require to stay on top of this emerging trend.”

About Supermarket Guru: Phil Lempert is founder of The Lempert Report, a food trends publication, and SupermarketGuru.com, a leading online resource for food safety, products, trends and shopping tips that attracts more than nine million visitors annually.

About InContext Solutions: InContext, through its ShopperMX platform, is the global leader in 3D simulation software and virtual market research methodologies for retail. 

For more information and to register, please contact:

Gina JosephSenior ManagerInContext Solutions gina.joseph@incontextsolutions.com Phil LempertPresidentConsumer Insight, Inc.plempert@supermarketguru.com  

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