Retailer saves time and money on seasonal displays

Retailer saves time and money on seasonal displays

The Challenge

A retail and manufacturer were working together to learn how a new holiday-themed display could inspire additional purchases both in and out of the aisle. To understand the best approach to take, the retailer asked the manufacturer for detailed insights and heat maps of how shoppers move through and shop this aisle.

They were interested to learn how the displays could inspire additional purchases both in and out of the aisle. Would the installation of a holiday-themed fixture outside the aisle impact shoppers’ paths and encourage them to walk down the aisle?

The Method

Using InContext’s premium evaluation tools and services to mine insights from real shoppers, they were able to create heat maps showing the flow of traffic and time spent in front of each category in the aisle.

This allowed them to understand how shoppers navigate an aisle and whether the new display altered their path and purchase decisions.


Through virtual research, they were able to learn that fewer than half of the shoppers who visited the holiday display fixture actually entered the aisle; of those who entered, however, a significant number made additional purchases after visiting the display. This was due to a number of variables.

Ultimately, it came down how to engage the customer at the point of purchase, and inspire them to think about creating other dishes—leading them to buy other ingredients.

The retailer was able to refine the messaging, artwork and assortment of the display for the next year. They were also able to save a significant amount of time and money that would have been spent altering and replacing physical displays.

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