Only with Virtual: 4 Smart Ways to Sell Your Retail Story

Only with Virtual: 4 Smart Ways to Sell Your Retail Story

If you’re reading this you’ve most likely been in a position to present an in-store plan to stakeholders. Whether it’s a new shelf assortment, new packaging, or marketing signage for a new product, persuading others to see and understanding your idea can be difficult. But digital twin technology is solving for that challenge head-on.

For example, retailers continue to ramp up their private label brand efforts as they vie for more product placement control on their shelves, and CPG marketers have to convince these retail partners that their placement will lift sales for the private label and the manufacturer, and perhaps the category as a whole. Leveraging data collected through virtual research, and presenting that data with interactive and hyper-realistic 3D images and videos, your team can craft a compelling story that will resonate with stakeholders.

Here are a few quick ways our virtual visualization platform for retail, ShopperMX, can be leveraged to help others understand your vision.

Visual Attention Analysis (VAA) illustrates where shoppers eye is drawn in the first 3-5 seconds. This helps your audience quickly understand how changes in a virtual store affect where shoppers look in the real world. Validation studies have found that VAA predicts what shoppers’ eyes will be drawn to with over 90% of the accuracy of a full eye-tracking analysis, without fielding a new study.

Color Blocking your virtual shelf concepts allows you to highlight and color code items on shelf to illustrate changes in flow or arrangement. Your in-store ideas can easily and quickly be identified by your stakeholders to understand how different product arrangements and assortments will resonate with shoppers.

Scenario Toggling offers the ability to seamlessly customize the view of your shelf, planogram, signage or end caps when testing and presenting your new concept. You are able to toggle off and on different sections of products for a more customized view of your shelf. Hide individual products, multiple products, or all objects at once, compare different configurations and seamlessly switch between your ideas.

SharableLinks give both internal and external stakeholders the ability to navigate the virtual store on-demand, and at their own pace. Using our virtual platform, you can create screenshots and videos of your concepts, giving buyers a 3D, immersive view of your idea with the click of a link.

Contact us for more innovative ways to leverage virtual for your store planning and sales enablement.

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