Extended Reality Adoption for Organizational Evolution

Extended Reality Adoption for Organizational Evolution

Technology has long played a critical role in allowing organizations to grow, leading to critical innovation, organizational efficiencies, and competitive advantages in the marketplace. The challenge for many companies is understanding the right time to lean in and invest. Implementing new systems, training employees on new platforms, and tackling adoption and execution is a journey that requires both time and money. In today’s world, there are also so many new things to consider in the technology space, and sometimes it can seem impossible to keep up. 

The Rise of Generative AI 

2023 has been the year of AI. The tools are easy to access, low (or no) cost, and often integrated into other platforms and systems that we use every day. More importantly, the value that generative AI brings to individuals is relatively easy to understand. The learning curve is simple – ask a question, get an answer—and thus we’ve seen companies, school districts, and individuals jump on the AI bandwagon. 

Extended Reality: The Building Blocks for the Metaverse 

Extended reality (XR) – which includes virtual, augmented, and mixed reality solutions – has seen ongoing growth and adoption among both organizations and consumers over the last decade. But unlike generative AI, the implementation process is more complex, and so adoption has been slower. Yet companies must be prepared for when metaverse experiences become widely adopted. In recent years, the hype over the metaverse has been overshadowed by the advances in AI, yet the potential and likely widespread usage is coming quickly. Extended reality usage provides the building blocks necessary to understand and plan for a future in which business and consumers are actively participating in the metaverse. 

Key Findings from InContext’s Client Conversations 

Our InContext Solutions team recently took the time to talk to our clients and potential clients to better understand the current state of extended reality adoption in the corporate world. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing our findings in more detail, but a few key things to consider: 

  • Nearly 80% of US companies we spoke to believe that investing significantly in extended reality over the next 12 months will be critical to ongoing growth. 
  • Current use cases range from marketing and training to testing new ideas and collaborating with teams across locations. 
  • Regardless of use case, the majority of employees believe the utilization of extended reality (both augmented and virtual reality tools) drives value for the organization and provides significant ROI. 

The Future of Extended Reality 

Extended reality is a critical piece of driving future growth for brands and companies. Make sure to follow this blog to learn more about where companies are in their XR journey and how InContext can help you build your XR roadmap.

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