InContext Solutions Acquires Staccar App for Visualizing and Customizing In-Store Execution in Retail Environments

CHICAGO and CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand, Oct. 1, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — InContext Solutions, the global leader in 3D simulation software for retail, and Smudge Apps Ltd (“Smudge”), today announced an agreement for the transfer of intellectual property related to Staccar, an Augmented Reality solution for visualizing and customizing execution in retail environments. 

Under the terms of the agreement, InContext Solutions will acquire the underlying technology for Staccar from Smudge, as well as related apps and services. Both parties will continue to support the ongoing success of the solution through collaborative development.

Staccar is a powerful and intuitive AR app that drastically improves the sell-in process for field sales reps, execution managers, and visual merchandisers which leads to more productive and collaborative conversations with retailers, improved execution, and more impactful use of in-store real estate. The acquisition will further enhance InContext Solutions’ 3D simulation software solution suite.

“The retail space is grasping for new and innovative business solutions, and we’re excited to be at the forefront of leveraging augmented reality capabilities for brands to better visualize merchandising ideas with their retailers. It’s like in-the-moment photoshopping,” said Jenkin Lee, Vice President of Product Management at InContext Solutions. “It takes all of 15 seconds for a field sales rep to remove all guesswork and show a retail manager what a new merchandising setup could look like.”

“We believe in AR as a key driver of retail optimization, and with this agreement our innovative solutions for the FMCG segment will positively impact more businesses and end users than ever,” said Reuben Bijl, Managing Director of Smudge.

About InContext Solutions
InContext Solutions is the global leader in 3D simulation software for retail. Our virtual simulation platform, ShopperMX, enables brands and retailers to create better shopping experiences through its ability to digitally prototype, validate with real shoppers, and activate through our field enablement applications within the context of a retail store environment. InContext Solutions’ ShopperMX platform delivers substantial cost and time savings while mitigating major risk when bringing new ideas to life in retail.

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About Smudge 
Smudge empowers businesses with mobile technology. Smudge has over 10 years’ experience of building transformational software solutions for international FMCG brands, including Coca-Cola.

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