INFOGRAPHIC: Changing Shopper Behavior

INFOGRAPHIC: Changing Shopper Behavior

As consumers, we know how our own shopping behaviors have changed since the onset of the COVID-19 crisis. But as researchers, we wanted to understand the many ways in which shoppers are continuing to adapt to those changes. Through our surveys and adjusted questions for virtual shopping respondents, we were able to mine data that is reflective of the current shopper landscape. 

We know that respondent profiles have changed. Natural incoming sample of tests fielded in March 2020 included more males, urban dwellers, college-educated and higher income profiles. And we know that all categories have been impacted by the “new normal.” Shoppers are changing their behavior as they adapt to eating more meals at home, and have an increased number of people to feed per household.

Additionally, major stockpiling behavior is likely waning as shoppers adjust to the stay-at-home orders and changes to their consumption. Product availability can cause shoppers to buy different brands, buy lower priced alternatives, and forego buying out-of-stock products. We expect this behavior will continue to evolve as the situation dictates and may continue beyond the pandemic.

For more on how virtual research can be adjusted to continue your learning plans, read our report, The COVID-19 Impact on Shopper Insights

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