InContext Solutions Launches Next Generation of Its Virtual Decision-Support Platform for Retail, ShopperMX™

The new ShopperMX™ 3D-simulation platform increases agility, scalability, and collaboration for retailers and manufacturers.

CHICAGO – February 22, 2019 – To continue helping innovative retailers and manufacturers gain a competitive edge in the ever-changing retail landscape, InContext Solutions, the global leader in 3D-simulation software for retail, today announces the launch of its second-generation, decision-support platform, ShopperMX™.

Forward-thinking retailers and manufacturers use ShopperMX to simulate in-store shopping experiences within a virtual store environment, test them with real shoppers, and activate with their retail partners or stores. While manufacturers and retailers each have unique business needs for ShopperMX, the platform supports use cases such as packaging design, micro and macro space planning, trade promotions, display and signage fixtures, and much more. ShopperMX customers have seen a 10x ROI through mitigated risk, time savings, and optimizing concepts to deliver incremental growth.   

The updated ShopperMX platform includes a new backend infrastructure for increased scalability, an improved user interface for greater design and user functionality, and new capabilities to enhance collaboration and accelerate innovation.

  • Infrastructure: a rebuilt technical infrastructure that provides the necessary requirements to enhance content management, international accessibility, third-party data system integration, security, capabilities for specialty retail customers, and support for continued advancements in hardware.
  • Usability: an enhanced user experience with a more versatile and flexible suite of tools and features to improve the capabilities of the software.
  • Innovation: A technical pipeline that provides InContext the opportunity to accelerate the development of new capabilities, both internally and through our partner ecosystem, in 3D visualization, shopper analytics, and machine learning.    

“Our customers’ need to innovate faster than ever, and that demands a platform that can support rapid experimentation, has the flexibility to evolve quickly, and includes a healthy dose of hindsight mixed with all the technical lessons from the past,” said Tracey Wiedmeyer, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of InContext Solutions. “This next-generation of ShopperMX continues what we do best but improves user experience and innovation workflows, resulting in a platform that will live and grow alongside our customers, wherever their businesses take them.”  

By uncovering valuable market research insights and shopper data, ShopperMX helps category managers and retail teams identify which merchandising and in-store concepts resonate most with consumers, enabling them to make faster, smarter, more profitable go-to-market decisions.

“The next chapter for merchandising and purchasing is all about scaling out a true collaboration platform among retailers, brands, and suppliers–and that’s what we have created with our latest iteration of ShopperMX,” said David Rich, Chief Executive Officer of InContext Solutions. “Speed-to-market and the associated critical decision-making processes requires a platform that links traditional shopper data with predictive analytics, applied intelligence engines, and 3D visualization.”

InContext Solutions will unveil the new ShopperMX platform at the Category Management Association (CMA) conference, February 25, 2019 in Las Vegas, with hands-on demos at booth #37.

InContext will also demo the new platform at the ShopTalk conference, March 3-6, 2019 in Las Vegas, at booth #3619.

For more information about InContext Solutions and the new ShopperMX platform, visit

About InContext Solutions

InContext Solutions is the global leader in 3D simulation software for retail. ShopperMX enables manufacturers and retailers to create a better shopping experience for their consumers by simulating real in-store shopping situations within a virtual store environment to ideate, evaluate, and activate their merchandising, displays, and layouts. InContext Solutions’ ShopperMX platform delivers substantial cost and time savings while mitigating major risk when bringing new ideas to life in retail. For more information, visit


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