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Progressive brands are leaps and bounds ahead of competitors by using virtual collaboration technology.

InContext can help Anheuser-Busch teams visualize new packaging, signage, displays and more with our immersive virtual store visualization and collaboration platform, ShopperMX.

Gain valuable insight into how new concepts will fair in branded or non-branded store environments, within hours, both on and off premise. Plus, create unlimited shelf and cave assortments with easy-to-use drag & drop functionality and distribute that vision between teams.

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Harness the power of 3D retail innovation

We’re connecting brands and retailers through virtual reality.

Anheuser-Busch customer’s journeys have changed. More than ever, brands should be laser-focused on how to best transform operational processes to meet shoppers where they are at, today.

The many benefits of virtual retail simulations

Create a retail store visualization in ShopperMX™
Build 3D replicas of the shelf and/or store, including new items, and customize planograms, aisle flow, signage or displays, and say goodbye to your physical mock store space.
Test ideas with real shoppers “in`` the store
Understand how shoppers will behave when they see your new concept on the shelf, quickly, and without the risk. Our virtual research methodologies allow you to tie attitudes to behaviors–something uniquely delivered using virtual.
Virtual innovation space
Bring complex ideas together in a single space to present marketing strategy, shopper insights, category planning, etc.
Create guided virtual store walk-throughs
ShopperMX Tours enables seamless collaboration to work quickly and efficiently.
Collaborate 1:1 in real-time with multi-player experiences
Review, iterate and collaborate in your virtual stores from anywhere with multiple users at the same time.

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Visualize and test your retail ideas in our risk-free digital spaces.