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Kellogg’s has consistently led the charge toward retail innovation, and now is not the time to slow that momentum.

When it comes to virtual solutions, your teams already have a head-start. This site showcases examples of the great work Kellogg’s has accomplished, and serves as a resource center to brainstorm ideas for future initiatives and inspire new thinking. Find videos, case studies, completed projects, virtual demos, and more below!


Experience the InContext 3D Difference

What does a 3D display or product really look like?

We invite you to take a peek into our virtual retail technology through augmented reality to understand the power of virtual visualization tools.

On your mobile device, click the “View in AR” button that appears in the bottom right corner of the images below to check out the augmented experience!

*Use two fingers to move, rotate, shrink or expand the image.

Kellogg’s already has an impressive head-start.

Before we started utilizing VR for research, we didn't have a process in place to prove the validity of our shelf hypotheses. With virtual testing, we have been able to confidently validate our hypotheses to ensure benefit to both the category and Kellogg. The use of VR is much more efficient, nimble and flexible.

Stacey Ring-Sanders
VP of Category Strategy and Development at Kellogg

With the rapidly changing world we live in, we continue to push the boundaries to leverage this capability, including virtual training for our KSRs, Perfect Shelf education for our new hires and customers, and virtual shelf concept sharing with our retail partners. Leading tomorrow, today!

Tom Wozbut
Director, Category Management - Performance at Kellogg

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Learn what else you can do with virtual

You might be aware the many successful virtual research projects Kellogg’s has completed, but did you know there are lots of other ways to benefit from virtual simulations?

InContext’s Joe Mozden has some ideas for you to consider, then check out some case studies below!

Additional Case Studies

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